Automotive brake shoe damage that pertain to life to be treated with caution
Release time:2013.04.01 News source:Yuhuan Luoxin Automobile Parts Co., Ltd. Browsing number:
Brake pads, also known as brake shoes, belonging to the consumables will gradually wear in use and must be replaced when worn to the limit position, otherwise it will reduce the effect of the brake, and even cause accidents. The brake shoe related to the safety of life, must be treated with caution.

1, under normal driving conditions, each traveling 5000 kilometers of the brake shoe check once only to check the remaining thickness, also check the state of wear of the shoe, whether the degree of wear on both sides of the same, whether the return freely, that unusual The situation must be dealt with immediately.

2, brake shoe general by the two parts of the iron linings and friction material, friction material part of grinding not only to replace the shoe must not wait. E.g. the Jetta a front brake shoe, the thickness of the film is 14 mm, while the replacement of the limit thickness is 7 mm, including more than 3 mm of the iron liner thickness and 4 mm thickness of the friction material. Some vehicles with brake shoe alarm function, once reached the wear limit, the instrument will alarm to replace the shoe. Shoe reach the limit must be replaced, even though still capable of use for some time, will reduce the braking effect of the impact of traffic safety.

Want to change the original spare parts replacement brake pads, the only way to make the best braking effect between the brake pads and brake discs, wear minimum.

4, replace the hoof films must use a dedicated tool brake Cylinder top back. Can not use other crowbar hard pressed back so easily lead to the brake caliper guide the screws bend, brake pads stuck.

5, replacement after kicks must step on the brake, shoe brake disc to eliminate the gap, resulting in the first leg did not brake, prone to accidents.

Brake shoe replacement, you need the run-in of 200 kilometers as to achieve optimum braking effect, just for the shoe to be cautious driving.